Key Terms To Know

AT Device – Assistive Technology Device A piece of equipment or product which is used to increase, maintain or improve the way children with disabilities interact and communicate with the world around them.

AT Services – Assistive Technology Services Services to help a child with a disability use an assistive technology device. These services include evaluating the needs of the child; providing the device; and the training the child, the child's family and the professionals who work with that child in the use of the device.

CER – Comprehensive Evaluation Report The report which is compiled and written by the multidisciplinary evaluation team (which includes parents) following a multidisciplinary evaluation. It contains all of the information gathered by various team members, as well as the results of assessment. It makes recommendations to the IEP team regarding eligibility for special education programs.

FAPE – Free Appropriate Public Education A program of education and other services for an eligible child that is designed to meet the child's special education needs and which allows the child to make meaningful progress in the educational setting. It is provided without charge to parents.

IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act The federal law which governs special education services and the rights of children with special education needs and their parents.

IEP – Individualized Education Program The plan written by the IEP team (including parents) that specifically describes the programs and services necessary for a free appropriate public education for the exceptional child.

LEA – Local Educational Agency A term applied to a representative of the school district who is qualified to provide or supervise special education programs, knows about the general curriculum, and knows what resources the school district can offer.

MDE – Multidisciplinary Evaluation The evaluation process to gather information which is used to determine if a child has a disability or in mentally gifted according to state and federal definitions and is in need of special education. The evaluation should look at how the child learns, the kinds of instruction that would be successful and the kinds of instruction that have been tried and have not resulted in success.

MDT – Multidisciplinary Team A team of educators, other professional individuals and the child's parents which reviews all formal testing of a child and all other evaluation material. The MDT must issue a written report recommending whether the child is exceptional and making suggestions about the programs and services needed.

NORA – Notice of Recommended Assignment The form issued to parents to inform them of the placement recommended by the IEP team. It also explains parents' rights.