Committee Meeting
Instructional Support Center
Monday, October 17, 2016
5:30 P.M.

NOTICE:  No official action will be taken during the Committee of the Whole Meeting. The business of this Meeting is merely to discuss and deliberate information that may be placed on the Agenda for the Voting Meeting to be held on October 24, 2016.



1.  Questeq – Report to Board

SECONDARY CURRICULUM – Jeffrey L. Deardorff, Chairperson

1.  Discussion regarding Second and Final Reading of the following curriculum:

  • Gifted and Talented Enrichment – Meadville Area Senior High School (Attachment)
  • World Government and Economics, Grade 12 – Meadville Area Senior High School (Attachment)
  • 8th Grade United States History – District-wide (Attachment)
  • 7th Grade U.S. History – District-wide (Attachment)

2.  Discussion regarding the District Comprehensive Plan

3.  Secondary Curriculum Update

ELEMENTARY CURRICULUM – Glenn J. Tuttle, Chairperson

1.  Discussion regarding the 2016-2017 Dyslexia and Early Literacy Intervention Pilot Budget (Attachment)

2.  Elementary Curriculum Update

EXTRACURRICULAR – Katrina M. Proctor, Chairperson

1.  Discussion regarding a PIAA Indoor Track and Field Team at Meadville Area Senior High School (Attachment)

2.  Extracurricular Update

TECHNOLOGY – Melissa Burnett, Chairperson

1.  Technology Update

SPECIAL SERVICES – Donald F. Sacco, Chairperson

1.  Special Services Update

BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS – Frank J. Schreck, Chairperson

1.  Discussion regarding the Agreement Between Owner and Architect with HHSDR, Inc. in regards to the press box, concession stand and bleachers at Cochranton Jr.-Sr. High School (Attachment)

2.  Discussion regarding Schedule K #412 – Bids for Meadville Area Senior High School Auditorium Carpet Replacement (Attachment)

3.  Discussion regarding the First Amendment to Lease Agreement with Child Development Centers, Inc. (Attachment)

4.  Buildings and Grounds Update

TRANSPORTATION/FOOD SERVICE – Delwood J. Smith, Chairperson

1.  Discussion regarding the 2016-2017 District bus routes (Attachment) (Attachment)

2.  Transportation Update

3.  Food Service Update

FINANCE – Jeffrey S. Rose, Chairperson

1.  Finance Update

PERSONNEL/POLICY– Jan A. Feleppa, Chairperson

1.  Discussion regarding the Agreement with the Meadville Area Recreation Authority (Attachment)

2.  Discussion regarding the Personnel Recommendations (Attachment) (Attachment) (Attachment)

3.  Personnel Update

Board Debriefing on Core Values

1.     How did we do at keeping our definition of success firmly in mind as we discussed our agenda items?

a.   What specifically did we do well?

b.   What could we have done better?

2.     Did we as a Board do exceptionally well at living by any of our Core Values?  What specific examples demonstrated those Core Values?

3.     Does any individual Board Member deserve recognition for living by a Core Value?  If so, please take a moment to provide positive feedback to that individual in SBI format.

4.     Does any individual Board Member need some feedback about violating any of the Core Values?  If so, please take a moment in private to provide that feedback using SBI format.  In providing that feedback be sure to live by the Core Values yourself and in receiving that feedback be sure to keep an open mind!

Question of the Month

5.   Respect – Does anyone deserve feedback (positive or negative) around: 

a.   Assuming the best intent?

b.  Listening to understand?

c.  Managing verbal and non-verbal reaction to ensure others feel safe and valued?