Committee Meeting
Instructional Support Center
Monday, May 13, 2019
5:30 P.M.

NOTICE:  No official action will be taken during the Committee of the Whole Meeting. The business of this Meeting is merely to discuss and deliberate information that may be placed on the Agenda for the Voting Meeting to be held on May 20, 2019.


CURRICULUM – Melissa Burnett, Chairperson

1.  Discussion regarding Second and Final Reading of Schedule J – Textbook Adoption - The Sun Is Also a Star (Attachment)

2.  Discussion regarding First Reading of Schedule J – Textbook Adoption – Wilson Fundations (Attachment)

3.  Discussion regarding Elementary Resource K-6 Wit and Wisdom

EXTRACURRICULAR – Paula J. Lynch, Chairperson

1.  Discussion regarding the Meadville Area Senior High School’s Yearbook Staff attending the Slippery Rock University Yearbook Workshop on June 18-20, 2019, at a cost to the District of $1,950.00 (Attachment)

BUILDING AND GROUNDS – Frank J. Schreck, Chairperson

1.  Discussion regarding Seal Coat bids for the Instructional Support Center (Attachment)

2.  Discussion regarding VCT Tile quote for the Meadville Area Middle School (Handout)

3.  Project update on the Cochranton Jr.-Sr. High School roof

FINANCE – Jeffrey S. Rose, Chairperson

1.  Discussion regarding the tentative adoption of the proposed fiscal year 2019-2020 General Fund Budget (Handout)

2.  Discussion regarding the implementation of Act 1, the Homestead and Farmstead exclusion, for fiscal year 2019-2020 (Attachment)

3.  Discussion regarding the designation of depositories for 2019-2020

4.  Review of the Authorization to Invest Funds

5.  Discussion regarding the nomination/election of a Treasurer for fiscal year 2019-2020

PERSONNEL/POLICY – Jan A. Feleppa, Chairperson 

1.  Discussion regarding the appointment of voting delegates for the PSBA Delegate Assembly Meeting on October 18, 2019

2.  Discussion regarding the Personnel Schedules (Attachment)

Board Debriefing on Core Values

1.     How did we do at keeping our definition of success firmly in mind as we discussed our agenda items?

a.   What specifically did we do well?

b.   What could we have done better?

2.     Did we as a Board do exceptionally well at living by any of our Core Values?  What specific examples demonstrated those Core Values?

3.     Does any individual Board Member deserve recognition for living by a Core Value?  If so, please take a moment to provide positive feedback to that individual in SBI format.

4.     Does any individual Board Member need some feedback about violating any of the Core Values?  If so, please take a moment in private to provide that feedback using SBI format.  In providing that feedback be sure to live by the Core Values yourself and in receiving that feedback be sure to keep an open mind!

Question of the Month

Teamwork – Does anyone deserve feedback (positive or negative) around:  

a.  Acting selflessly?

b.  Recognizing individual talents and skills in others and leveraging them to further the Board’s agenda?

c.  Initiating constructive feedback to keep the Board focused on success?

Executive Session – Student Discipline/Personnel